Ralph Wayne's backyard nationals


Squirrel Master
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Went to the 17 th annual backyard nationals tonight in Kansas City. Must have been a few hundred bikes there, and many had left before I was able to get there after work. Some pics for your viewing pleasure.

Ralph Wayne 2009033 (Medium).jpg

Ralph Wayne 2009034 (Medium).jpg

Ralph Wayne 2009056 (Medium).jpg

Ralph Wayne 2009030 (Medium).jpg

Ralph Wayne 2009055 (Medium).jpg

Ralph Wayne 2009052 (Medium).jpg

Ralph Wayne 2009057 (Medium).jpg

Ralph Wayne 2009058 (Medium).jpg

Ralph Wayne 2009059 (Medium).jpg

Ralph Wayne 2009061 (Medium).jpg


Foghoon Leghoon
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Just wondering, What are those 7 shiny cylindrical things behind the bushes and next to the Port-o-Potties? And why is everyone so happy with the little Red cups.:laugh: J/K
Looks like fun and thanks for sharing the pics:thumbsup:

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