Raising the rear

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Has anyone seen the dogbones to raise the rear end? If so let me know where I can get them.

Marc "Howlin Mad"
I want a set too.
I read a thread that said a stock SV-650 dogbone will raise the rear. And that their steel so strength isn't a prob.

I heard the same thing! Was wondering if anyone had tried it. Also wanted to know how much it raised it. Don't want to be riding big foot.

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Marc "Howlin Mad"
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I'd probably do better if my a#* wasn't so big.

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I got that set of sv650 dog bones from the ex. Jump ball first one to email me an address and promise $10 will be in the mail gets them

For $50 I'll make them all day long. Line up boys.

I make lowering dog bones and air shifter brackets for the Busa and 1000