raising the handlebars


hi guys,
im looking into doing some light modifications to my new 06.

1) first i would like to find an exhaust that sounds deep and rumbly. i would like more power on the midrange like for passing cars and stuff

2) looking for a kit that raises the handlebars maybean inch or two.

if anyone could help me with stuff id appreciate it, i feel like ray charles looking for needle in a haystack. (still kinda new)


busaless but lovin the weather
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hi and welcome. got any pics
we have a saying [will help for pics]

just playin.

far as exhaust you can do a stock can mod, where ya drill out the rear of the can, sounds much better than stock. new cans i use 2 brothers its deep sound.

for raising the bars, easyest way is reapers risers 3/4" - 1 1/4" you can keep stock lines any higher you should change the brake line on the front.

the othe way looking for info is use the search button. good luck
I have helibars and absolutely love them. I had 1 1/4" reaper risers installed but after installing them I lowered the front end so there wasn't much of a "rise" to the handlebars. I have read you can install the 3/4" risers and use the helibars if you are looking to lessen the gap between the front nose and the front fender.


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