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Hey guys, I've read most of what I could find here on the subject of raising links but no specific answer to my question.It seems from all the positive reviews of raising links, that's the way to go. From what I've also read that the 190/55 is the way to go also, so I ordered that in combo with the 120/70. I do mostly twisty riding. I was going to order the links but was wondering if the 1 inch links along with the 55 series tire is going to be to much of a lift in the rear to throw off the geometry. I'm also 3 up on the rear too. I've found 1 inch or 1/2 raising links from Burkhartcycle, so I was looking for a little advice from you guys. Do the 1 inch, 1/2 inch or nothing at all with the 55 series tire? Thanks as always.


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I would go tire only for a season then if you still want more try the links. Small changes .......


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I'm about to do the same thing. Soupy's makes a -1 to +1 adjustable link. I've used them in the past and they work great. :beerchug:


The combo works fantastic. This will leverage more weight transfer to the front and heavier fork springs make it an even better combo. I went with a RaceTech 1.0 springs up front. I used the Schnitz Racing 1" links.


I've rode with the 55's at stock height and it was ok. I added the links to raise it and what an amazing difference. I ride Ortega, GMR and lots of other canyons here in Southern California and raising with the tire combo has been the way to go.


Thanks a lot for the input guys, I think I may just go for it and if I don't like it I can always go back to stock.


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There is some good information in this thread and some that is blatantly false.

Maybe one of the posters who advises raising the rear could explain what it does and how it works?


I did both as well as being 3th up, and while it feels great entering a corner I found I had to be far more careful with the throttle on exit. Mostly I like it for accommodating the trunk mod when riding 2 up. If you're doing the wrenching yourself then trying out a 1" lift is cheap and easy. This link didn't give me any real world solutions but lot's to think about
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You can definitely do both and it makes a nice improvement. If you're not height challenged go for it! It could exasperate an undersprung front end though.

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