Raised the Rear II

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Ok folks I will try to be as technical as I can (yeah right)

Ok first road was highway 79 Long 40 miles of Highspeed sweepers! Lots of fun and the bike was on rails. The biggest difference was in the way or effort to get her to lay over. Great time!!

Then on to Palomar Mountain. Very Very tight and technical. Legitimately a 1st gear mountain mixed with touches to 2nd. I just run the whole thing in second (Afraid to spin the rear) Now here is where I start to notice things.

1. The stock steering damper is crap. The front wheel was getting light on exit way more then usual. (Ordered new one already)

2. If your not used to feeling the front suspension working it was a little unsettling. Till I got used to it. (Next month or two. Front forks to race tech)

Overall I like the way it felt. A lot less effort required to get ole girl to turn in and hold the line which was equal to carrying more corner speed(That was the bottom line)

If your on the short side not a mod that will work for you. I would go with lowering the front.

I like it!!!

Marc "Howlin Mad"
This will sound funny but I had my manager at cycle gear pick one out for me. He races CCS so when I got the head shake I called him and told him to get me a good one. Best for the price. One advantage of working at a bike shop.

Marc "Howlin Mad"

Will let you know what it is...
Thanks Howli'n for the update. All i know when cornering real hard..stock setup..60 to 45 mile an hour sweepers..You have to "really trust the front tire"..kind of strange feeling with that huge rear meat..but success means the front has to stick.... ps no front slides yet,those are not fun..
I am going to order some new dogbones from the company listed in your other post I cant wait to get back on my bike. My wheels should be back soon and I can do some riding woohooo
Marc...how is your suspension set and who did it?
I can't remember the company that set it up but I had it done at the track. It is fairly stiff. The front compression springs are maxed out. Need to get the forks redone. That will be done before the end of summer.(I hope!!)

Marc "Howlin Mad"
Sounds like you're doin' the dayum thang Marc. Good job. Let us know how it all turns out.

well well, the mad man is rippin. I love it dude.
cant wait to rip with you.

i leave May 1st for some training in an undiclosed place will be back late june.

Marc, To raise the bike a little and get similar results can I just adjust the preload? Up should make the bike tip in quicker, right? - Kent
Oh and my buddy has a race tech sus. on his CBR900 and loves it.

Hey is your busa starting to look like this?

Oh and my buddy has a race tech sus. on his CBR900 and loves it.

Hey is your busa starting to look like this?
Actually yes it is! That is a great pick. After the steering damper I may do some cosmetic work and get an undertail and tire hugger. With the rear up like it is need a clean look under there.

Here is a similiar profile pic. Adjusting your preload will raise it a little but you don't want to mess with that for the ride height. Adjust that so you have the right amount of sag for your weight.

Marc "Howlin Mad"