Rain gear?


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What kind of rain gear is good to take for a long trip?  I want something that I could store in my hump.
Storing in the hump is gonna be a tough one. My jacket and pants would probably fill the hump on a Busa, assuming you stuffed it in there and then forced the seat on. Then you need boot covers and gloves.


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I don't think any rain gear can be stored in the Hump
 ! Unlike my TL1000R
 there is nearly Zero storage in the Hump ! But as for the gear, I use First Gear tops and bottoms and they work great


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FroggToggs. Lightweight and easy to rollup and store.
Get them at Academy...

+1 That stuff is great.

There is a company called DriDudds that actually owns the rights to the material and sell their own version for less.

We sell the DD's for $50 ish for a set.
Yes. I have a set in my hump and it saved my ass last Sunday- at least it saved me having a soaked ass!
Thirty minutes at 80 in a downpour and dry as a bone. Not only are they compact they weigh about as much as a potato chip. Seriously, maybe one ounce per piece. Got mine for $50 the set at a local cycle shop. They also have a hood that stores in the collar, didn't even need it with the collar and full face helmet.


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I need to check on those, my alter ego set has the zip in rain gear that I carry in a backpak or tank bag.
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