Radiator / Oil Cooler replacement

My bike being an 06 has seen its fair share of road time, crappy weather, and use / abuse. As a result my radiator and oil cooler look very dirty and have some ugly bent fins.

Any suggestions to repair the bent fins and refresh the look of the pieces

A new oe radiator is $6-700 with performance ones getting even higher.

I am also open to suggestions for moderately priced replacements.




Be careful on engine degreaser some eat aluminum . Why not upgrade to a Gen 2 take off radiator ? you can relocate the overflow bottle , get two fans . Many are dirt cheap complete on Ebay .
Whoaaa that is a good idea!! I certainly like the sound of that!
The gen 2 lines up? Is there a tutorial on here for it.
Not my best how too video but it has the points to get the job done
Thank you Bryan, I am going to start sourcing the parts for the conversion. I actually found a thread by 1busa and I will need a temp sensor relocated as well.
I will post pics of my trials and tribulations in the process. And once again thank you for suggesting! Now I improve my cooling and rid the bent fins that drive me nuts.
I will list up the oem radiator for cheap on the classifieds.

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