Radar jammer...


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would love to have one but i would have to be on the verge of losing my license to fork over $1500 for it


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Radar jammers do not work visit radarbusters.com you will win some serious cash if you can find one that does work. Laser jammers do but radar jammers don't and they are seriously not legal. Just FYI....

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I will just drop my round-about knowledge on these things. Nice idea but the two guys that I know that bought them tested them with the local police (they wanted to know if they worked as well). The radar picked them up everytime the took a pass. The two guys sent them back for refund. No one else around here messes with them anymore. Not to but in to the conversation but... Save your money for parts for the Busa.


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I am a Truck Driver and the only Radar Buster or Lazar buster that is 80% effective is a CB radio . The problem with any radar is that the Popo wait and only shoot in spurts so most time your radar detector does not pick it up in time I personally think all that stuff is a waste of money better to be aware of your surroundings then to think you have a free pass with any kind of radar detection device . Just my 2 cents
Most people who have used high end radar detectors will say they world.

No one who doesn't get paid to say a radar jammer works will say it does.


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Hey didn't you guys watch that Mythbusters episode? They tried a bunch of them and they all did not work. Bikes are hard to hit in traffic anyway. Radar reflects best off flat surfaces and on a bike moving fast it is hard to hit ya....
Phazer jammers do work. Been tested here in Louisiana with a friend who works for the State Police. Lazer and all Radar bands. The cool thing about Phazer is that as long as the cops are shooting radar or lazer it dosn't stop jamming, the other so called jammers might jam a signal for about 5 seconds giving the driver enough time to slow down to the speed limit if you happen to notice it going off...


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If you need to spend that much money to speed it may be time to reconsider!

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why are ya'll scare of being stopped anyway......you're on a busa for christs sake!!!

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If radar jammers don't work, why r they illegal?
They don't have to work to be illegal. It is the theoretical principle that is illegal.

"To tamper, jam, modify, or otherwise interfere with a federally sanctioned signal or wavelength whether via air or ground, constitutes an act or war and will result in felonious prosecution and falls under the classification of enemy of the state."

--- HayaVegas, Sept. 06 H.org forum

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