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I don't know how many people use them, the ones that do, usually swear by them (at least the upper end ones). I do not. As far as hooking one up, of the windscreen with a 12v adapter tied in would be the easiest way, I have seen several people with 12v outlets up front (on and/or around the inners). My outlet is under the hump...
FSUSUX has an interesting setup that he told me is temp for a road trip... He has a 12v outlet at the triple clamp, but then used that to power a multiport that he had velcroed to his inner. Seemed neat and functional if you were going to run more than just a radar detector...


Passport X50 for me. I swear by it, but its not for flying down the road unaware. Learn to use it and it will save you alot of money.

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They can definitely be a license saver if you regularly go over 10 mph over the posted limit around my area. It will never be better than vigilance and a good eye/feel for traps.....but for someone runnning constant radar or a radar blip in traffic it can be the difference between a ticket and a good day of riding.
I hard wired mine and then run a extension for the earphone jack under the tank with the female end coming up between the tank and the seat. I then run a regular mini earphone under my shirt or jacket and up to my ear. That way I don't have to see the detector to know when I pick up a signal. I've used this type of system on all my bikes over the last 20 years.



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Interesting, that is the one I was looking at too, the X50. I don't regularly speed but find that I have been breaking all kinds of rules I had for myself since getting the Busa about a week ago. Nothing perilous, just guidelines I have always lived by.

This thing is FUN!

Thanks for the picture, that helps.

Hey MC, you mention "inners." Are you implying she actually comes with a 12V outlet or am I misunderstanding you.


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The inners are the plastic pannels that lay horizontally in between the tank and lower fairings. They are in two peices per side and extend up around the gauge cluster, some people bolt or rivit a 12v adapter there...
This is my hasty 12v hook-up!



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Total noob here, sorry guys for the stupid questions. Thanks for answering them though!



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My question is where do you guys get the tank(filler cap) mount to put your GPS & radar detector? I really would love to get one.


i have the passport 8500 with a stem mount but i use a screamer.
louder than crap.
Can hear it at 165mph.
Also it saved me from probable jailtime at again 165mph


I can tell you that they are worth while and worthless at the same time.

Before I became and Investigator, I worked traffic for 3 years. On the interstate, radar detectors never really kept me from catching people because I used Lidar (laser). The laser wouldn't trip a detector until I fired it at them but by then it was too late. I nailed numerous folks 110 + on bikes and cars a like that had detectors.

Now, in town or in the country where the road curved or went up and down over hills, the detectors absolutely gave people warning. Radar is more efective in these situations and the detectors could detect the radar even if it wasn't firing (passive). There were instances where I could here a bike coming, obviously hauling a#$, but by the time he was visible he would be in the legal (under 20 over) range.

I don't use one but I would say that they deffinantly save people money.


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There not fool proof but when used as intended work almost flawlessly..........
Love Lidar! But, da bug ain't scared


An old Uniden Stalker detector. Velcro mounted to nthe small dash at the samll of the windshield. It's loud enough to hear over wind noise.
Next town police are allways out catching speeders. It lets me know where they are today
So it does it's job.
Unfamilar roads, have to heed the smallest indication, that somethings up. About one out of five times it really is something. It's annoying with false alerts but redeems itself that fifth time it saves my ass.

Wired it into the position light (Euro spec wire) on the headlight harness. Ran the thin 12 volt cable through the foam betweenthe dash and windshield.

Detector isn't water proof, but well protected under the windshield from getting wet. Unplugs easy to wash the bike. Cheap enough to just leave on the bike. If it gets ripped off can get another one off ebay for $20.


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I have a Beltronics STi driver recently bought and installed... I have a similar setup to Greg B's with a Stem mount.

I use a direct cord that i routed from the battery, along the R/H frame and along the handlebar to the detector. I got the cord for a few bucks the same time i ordered the detector from radarbusters.com

I love this unit and it is very efficient, barely never giving false alarms...



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I used them at one time but don't anymore. Just not worth the risk and since I don't speed (5 to 10 over isn't speeding
) I don't get as tired while riding, trying to be aware of the radar going off, looking  
all the time in the mirrors and so on. Infact, after I took the thing off (and replaced the space with my GPS) I am WAY more relaxed and ready to go again when the ride is over  


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I use the Escort X50 and I wouldn't leave home without it. As a matter of fact I have two, one on my gixxer and one on my busa so I don't forget and leave home without the trusty Bear Dog.

I also use the H.A.R.D. system, Helmet Assisted Radar Detection. It works fabulous and saves me at least once a month, probably more. It won't help you when it comes to laser but the old trusty dash mounted radar, it will catch them every time and give you fair warning.

I love that set up and I wouldn't dare be without it.

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I use the Bell x65 w a H.A.R.D system ,I tend to speed a little ,LOL.....and it has saved me so many times .. Worth every penny


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How did you get the radar detector across the border? Did Radarbusters just ship it to you directly? I am just wondering because they are illegal in Ontario and Quebec if I am not mistaken.

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