Racing the BUS!

So I'm thinking about saying "Screw it"... they won't let me register my bike, then it will never be street legal... I'll use it on the track! Can anyone with some experience tell me how to get started in the racing scene... I think it will be a cool hobby to get into...
Whatcha mean? Like if I was trying to sell it? If I was going to give it back the original dealer I hope that he would at least give me close to what I paid for it seeing as how I got a great deal on the bike in the first place and I didn't pay GST on it. Plus I'm already losing about a grand transporting the bike here and then back... We'll have to see...
Before you get started at the track get some health/accident insurance that will cover you at the track in case anything goes wrong.

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(dragonbusa @ Jul. 09 2007,11:58) get some good leathers,and a wheelie bar, go run the hell out of it. sat. night at the drags is a blast!!
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