Racefit Titanium Growler Exhaust For Hayabusa

Has anyone had any experience with RACEFIT "growler series" exhaust? I had a friend that had one on a 2007 GSXR1000 that was extremely loud but intoxicating sounding.....almost like a formular 1 car at high rpm. I noticed that motomummy now carries these in the US. The downside is they are titanium slipons that run about $1200 and I have yet to see ANY dyno information on really any type of bike. It would be my guess that TI-Force, Akrapovic ect... would be better performers but I thought I would mention it. I've never heard them on a busa and the youtube options are pretty limited. I'm wondering if the sound better on the 600/750/1000s size bikes due to their higher RPM nature. I came across one video of a busa and it almost sounded like a 4 wheeler but it may have been the video. Attaching a link below that gives a good look and decent sound from what I can remember

GSX 1300R 2008 Racefit growler - YouTube[/url]

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