Race Tech Suspension

racer 44

Axel to Axel Race Tech Suspension for a safe, straight ride on the street and on the salt at the BUB Speed Trials Aug. 25-30.

We installed the latest 320 mm Lug Drive Composite Rotors by Lyndall Racing Brakes. Light as a Feather and the carriers are clocked perfectly.

5-Ball Racing Team. American Chopper, Custom Fabrication, Harley Davidson, Motorcycle Online Magazine....

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Yessir :thumbsup: I did the same thing to my busa and Wow what a difference!! Couldn't be more pleased
I like the discs on yours . It doesn't look like they carry that design anymore . What was it called ? I was wondering if you knew why the rear is so much? They want $499 for 2 front discs and another 350 for just one more for the rear
That is a nice machine...is it based on any known dimensions for rake / wheel base....other custom frame dimensions...looks great.