RA with STT 9-10 November!!


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Dates just announced....

The customers asked for it - so Sportbike Track Time responded - another date at ROAD ATLANTA!!!! November 9th and 10th.

These dates are also slightly discounted from our normal Road Atlanta prices!!!!!

Products just went up on the site for these dates - don't delay. It seems everyone wants more Road Atlanta so I expect the spots to sell quickly!!!

Buy November 9th at Road Atlanta

Buy November 10th at Road Atlanta

Buy the whole weekend at Road Atlanta! (STT members only)
Does this mean you are considering it Charlie? The only RA date I had it was HOT and damp...Sometimes November can be damp, but not so dang hot...
Got me a new set of rims from Bots, I'll have rains on if it rains. Yes, we'll probably be going. I think Jay will be in for one day.