R1 wheel conversion with pic's

R1 wheels look good, and I'm sure there's a weight savings, but I would be hesitant about running a lighter, lower powered OE wheel from a different bike, onto a heavier more powerful bike.

There probably won't be a problem with doing it, but I do know that OEMs spend a lot of time optimizing parts, especially on something like an R1 where weight reduction is a huge design consideration.
A little update on this topic, after spending hours tracking posts and links to other sites and trying to get a hold of chopaleg on psycobike, I found his shop info and number. So all that are trying to contact him, shop is Total Performance Cycles Specialty Race Products for Motorcycles
contact info is on the main page. I talked to him on the phone today, sounds like a real good guy. He shipped out an axle to me today. I will post up my own thread when I do the conversion and exactly everything I used.
So I am opening a old thread, but i have the r1 rims on and i am spacing out thrvrear caliper. Did anyone get a longer caliper bolt bc of the spacing from the washers? Or am i over thinking it. Pic below shows my space needed to space out.

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