R1 front wheel fitted, brake rotor issue maybe??


So i got my R1 front wheel fitted yesterday, new rotor, new tire, new EBC brake pads took it for a test ride and i get a weird "vibration" and noise from the front brake. it feels like i can feel all the "notches" on the outside of the rotor as they go up against the pads? is this something that will go away once the pads and rotor break in together? I ran a similar style rotor (Braking brand rotor)on the RC wheel i pulled off the bike and i dont ever recall feeling the notches on that rotor or any noise?

OR is this because I'm running a R1 style wave rotor on a hayabusa caliper, are the calipers longer on a R1 making the pads longer and spreading over the notchs so they dont make this noise/vibration? If this vibration wont go away i will have to buy another rotor as i really dont care for the feel of this so far.....

As a side note the R1 wheel setup was 2.2lbs heavier than the RC comp race wheel i pulled off the bike, both have the exact same tire on them also.:laugh:

Hopefully this week i can get the rear R1 wheel all fitted up, i have to make all the spacers for that one still.:banghead:



Sounds like the same thing that happened 2 me when I switched to new pads and wave rotors. You have 2 bed them in properly or you will get that weird vibration feeling. It will gradually fade and go away or @ least it did 4me.

I also have R1 rims and rotors now coupled with Brembo front calipers and HH pads. I broke those in the right way and didn't have that issue.
Just mounted my rear r1 wheel up on 2003 busa anyone know of a larger diameter rotor to fit the r1 wheel ?R1 roto is smaller in diameter and the pads don't contact the whole r1 rotor
I would make sure the rotors is not rubbing on the caliper or caliper bracket because sometimes aftermarket rotors are thicker than OEM good luck :thumbsup:
Just wondering why r1 rims "because of the looks?" Sry that just seems like it that's kinda silly, I owned both bikes and I would never put a Yamaha part on a busa specially a front wheel where my life hangs on the balance one of the worlds fastest stock bike, just to ride around and "look" good, they put it together the right way for a reason, because it works, I'd go with a Gsxr rim if "looks"are the most important issue here, or if really want to get sappy I'd just buy a bad ass looking race rim and be sure it wouldn't have any handling issues bro' ! Your life is way more important then "looks" and at any speed above 60 miles a hour a wreck can cost you everything! Just watch some you tube veins and you'll see what I mean! Point is bro, Yama rim on busa? Come on man, it's already fast, and you know this! Good luck thoe!
Yamaha holds a patent for their light weight wheel casting technology . They do make the lightest OEM wheel on their bikes over other makes .
They are also very strong .