R.I.P.....Staff Sgt. John Beale!


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That was amazing. It's good to see the support for our military and for the families of those who made that ultimate sacrifice.


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Beautiful when you see that kind of support for when a man give the ultimate price, this should be the norm! I wiped the tears from my face several times!

"ALL GAVE SOME, SOME GAVE ALL" Welcome home Staff Sgt. John Beale! God rest your soul in the Kingdom of Heaven" :bowdown::bowdown::bowdown::bowdown:


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That was hard to watch without shedding a tear, GOD BLESS HIM & OUR COUNTRY ! Thanks to all who Sacrifice so we can be Free !! :bowdown:
I shut down the video halfway through. Each time I saw a citizen wearing shorts, it pained me. By the show of all the American flags, these people knew that an American HERO was going to be escorted through their streets. Yet, all they could muster up was a pair of JEANS SHORTS? I would have been standing there in my best suit possible, American flag in hand. I appreciate them showing up. so please don't get me wrong, but good Lord, please show the respect that this man deserves. Quit showing off for your neighbors and send this young man to eternity with RESPECT.

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