questions for the guys with buell pegs and tobin seats


just sent my seats off today to Lee at new image. I'm kind of nervous if they will be more comfortable. I'm 6'1" and did the buell peg mod about a month ago. For the guys over 6' runnin this setup, did u notice that much sittin a little lower in the bike. I absolutely love the looks of the seats, but that's my only concern, i'm worried that sittin a little lower will bother my knees/legs. Guess i'll find out soon when i get them back


Hello to you,
Towards the goal of making my busa more confortable for the long hauls I decided on the Heli Bars, Buell Pegs, and Tobin Seat. First to be installed was the Heli Bars. I love them and experienced immediate relief to my back and wrists. Second to be installed was the Buell Pegs. Another hit, they are great, although I miss the rubber top of the stockers. While eagerly awaiting my Tobin Seat I was very pleased with the bike. Tobin gets installed and everything was different than I had planned. Yes, it's a great seat, looks better, feels much better on inner thighs and butt. However it sort of took back some of the gains that I made with the bars and pegs. I'm not sure how but I'm leaning over a fraction more with the Tobin seat and since it is lower, the pegs are closer. The Tobin is also slightly higher in the front sloping back to the trademark Tobin seat ledge at the back such that the lean might just 'feel' a little more because of this. If you are at a stop and release the bars and settle into the seat it actually has you leaning back rather than upright or a little forward.
I'm not sure if that helps you but I wanted you to know that the change that this seat makes to the bike is a little more complicated than just being lower. All that being said I am leaving it on as my butt loves it :) no wisecracks <-- um, just did it myself!

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