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Questions About Yoshimura Cams

Discussion in 'Racing Technical' started by Cheetahunter, May 24, 2016.

  1. Cheetahunter

    Cheetahunter Registered

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    I've got a Hayabusa 2012 Limited edition and have a couple of tunes done, nothing major. Wondering what the horsepower gains are on the stage two Yoshimura cams on such a stock engine. If current mods are of interest, then here they are:

    Bazzaz fuel injection
    Bazzaz quick shifter
    K&N filter
    Full Yoshimura exhaust
    17T front Spocket
    46T rear Spocket
    Bazzaz Bomb
    Bazzaz oxygen sensor

    No dyno tune yet.

    Thank you


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