Question: ZeroGravity ST Windshield


I have an interest but was hoping the someone has some experience with the Sport Touring screen from ZG. I am also considering the double bubble.
Any input would be appriciated. It is an G2 08


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Mike - there a couple threads floating around with pics. Both are steady selling items, and the ST screen will change the lines of the bike a wee bit.

Here's comparison in height, click pics if you want to purchase either and I'll send one over. :thumbsup:

08_hayabusa_st_575.jpg 08_hayabusa_db_575.jpg




Thanks for the quick reply, the pictures of the black bike makes it easier to visualize. Good color for the bike I might say.
I do assume that you guys carry them?


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Thanks correct Mike, can ship today if you like provided we stick to normal colors. :thumbsup:

edit: Stock as of today in ST screens is 1 darksmoke, 12 lites, and 30 clears. :)


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I bought one from pashnit a few months ago for my gen 2. At 6'2 I couldn't tuck behind the stock screen. If I sit upright with the ZG sport touring screen the airflow still doesn't clear my helmet, but there's no significant amount of turbulence to deal with. I can tuck behind the ZG ST if I want to.

I think the bike doesn't look as good with the ZG ST screen, but it's not unsightly.

Oh yeah, I can actually see the gauges now. I couldn't easily see them with the stock screen.
I just got a ZG DB and I like it a lot... I got the smoke, and its not as dark as the Puig, which i was concerned about. And, it doesn't squeak like the ZG's did on the Gen1 Busa.


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I've got the zg DB on my 06 gen 1 and love it. Seems to me that the ST would be great if your mainly concerned with comfortable windfree touring(imagine that huh?). But if you only concerned with being able to tuck, and the ability to see your gauges when sitting up, the DB works great for that with a minumum of added wind resistance to the bike. OH yea, and I piece of velcro at the very tip of the windsreen on the gen1S is all thats needed to get rid of the windscreen squeek:thumbsup:
When I put the ST screen on (6ft, 200, 32inseam) the turbulence hit me right in the helmet. Lots of buffeting. More comfortable with the DB, wind hits the upper chest.


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it doesn't squeak like the ZG's did on the Gen1 Busa.
When you swap out a screen on the Gen-I, make sure you put tape on the tabs. Could be electricians tape, duct tape, whatever. Just a wee bit is all that's needed to form a buffer of sorts of the windscreen plastic against the nose fairing plastic.

I own 6 different Busa windscreens from 3 different manufactures and not one of them has every squeaked when adding that bit of tape to the tabs after 70K of ridng on the Busa.

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