Question for you O2 Wideband gurus


Lately I've been doing a lot of research on O2 widebands and dataloggers. Been on a couple forums and seen that most prefer the Innovate LC2, Wego 3 or zeitronix ZT2. Ive been leaning towards the zeitronix zt2 because every body has had nothing but good things to say about it. I like how you are able to use that handheld datalogger to start and stop your logging without the use of back packing a laptop. I managed to come across this wideband data logger last night, its a dual wideband sensor/ datalogger made by Fast Racing. They make a version specifically for motorcycles but Ive never heard of them or seen them mentioned on any forum. Have any of you guys ever used or heard anything about them? Managed to find a youtube clip of 1 installed on a ducati but that's about it. I'm intrigued that its a dual wideband priced close to the price of single wideband units and has its own stand alone data logger but I need to find out if it performs as well as the others and can be used easily in conjunction with the ECU Editor. Thanks

Fast Racing Dual Sensor Wide Band Air/Fuel Meter - JEGS



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I went with a combo unit - AEM wideband gauge and tied the 0-5v output to Daytona Sensors NC-1 data logger. also tapped in RPM and TPS. without those 2 readings, 02 is pretty much worthless....

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