Question for you guys who've lost the fender


Hi all,

For those of you in states that require inspection stickers, and who've taken off the rear snow shovel, where do you put the sticker?

Just curious!

They placed mine up on the inside of the forks. Its on the bike but you can't see it.

Front right fork. Visible when parked. Technically, it's supposed to be near the plate, but, other than a bit of confusion at the last inspection, I have never had problems.
Inside the left front fork... thats where the dealer had it when i bought, so i guess its legal .lol.
Sence when do bikes have to be inspected. I thought that was only for cars. Are talking about emissions or something else? Either way the town I live doesn't require any kind of inspections. Guess I'm lucky.
In Texas they require inpsection stickers, although my dealer just told me they changed the laws. You don't have to have it ON the bike, just WITH the bike, so its in my trunk. Bye bye fender
After installing the Pyramid Plastic undertail I put the inspection sticker behind the license plate.  In Texas we have an annual state inspection for all vehicles.  The state verifys that your lights, turn signals, horn and so forth work correctly.