Question for the performance spec experts


Me and a buddy were talking about the Hayabusa performance in the 1/4 mile. (mind you, I'm talking bone stock machines here)

Are there other machines that can beat the busa out of the hole, like in 1/8 mile or shorter? That was my buddy's question, and I don't know the answer. I suggested maybe the GSXR 1000 is a good candidate, but I simply don't know.

Can any of the 750's do it?

Anyone have this data?

:16: Have an answer for you,  Friend of mine has a stock 1000 gsxr and I have a 1300 gsxr stock bike been regeared 42 on the rear. Ran drag strip two weeks ago his best time was a 10:13 and he was running 140mph. Then we ran the bikes together his best 60ft was 1.7968 and my best that night was 1.7959. in the 1/8 mile he ran a best of 6.7152, I ran a best of 6.8468.  In the 1/4 mile his best was 10:2015, 140.14mph  my best 1/4 mile was 10:3170, 133.5mph. my best I have ever had out of my busa with stock gearing was 10:03 and 153mph down in gainsville, FL.  The  stock 750 gsxr won't think of touching these two bikes. I'm not much of a speed drag racer on the busa I'm consistent and thats what counts on the dial-in!      Geneious
Man 153 is some serious mph for stock bike and gearing. I would have to disagree with you that a 750 can't touch these bikes in the 1/8. I have seen a young lady here in VA running 6.60s in the 1/8 and 10.60s in the 1/4... There are guy's here on those ZX6rs running low 10s thru the 1/4...