Question for the mechanically inclined.


Oh the joys of buying a used busa!:banghead:

When I really crank the throttle for some heavy acceleration @ about 6000-7000 rpm the bike lurches and sounds like something is slipping. Sounds like the rpm's spike for a second then returns to normal. Sometimes multiple times in one pull.

Is this my clutch and if not what do you think it is?
Got plenty of tread, probably only 1000 miles on tire.

So i guess how in depth is a clutch replacement. I am pretty handy (do my own oil, did my own fork seals , and other various wrench turning)?
Simple stuff it all comes off in one order and should return in the same order. You may just need to get a new clutch pack or you may need just the fibers...pull the clutch look for bluing, then messure the complete clutch stack. :beerchug:
as long as I am at it I think I'll buy a performance set up. Thanks a bunch and I'll be back with more ?'s should I get stumped.