Question, Chain problem on Gen 1 Busa


Spinning tire with bike on stand, Looking at chain from side of the bike You can see chain move up and then drop down slightly. If you stand behind bike and look directly down chain toward front sprocket it will move to the side and back straight. Tried new chain and sprockets, Same issue, Almost acts like shaft that front sprocket bolts to is bent slightly causing it to pull tight and move to the side a little. Have you guys ever experienced this, Mtc billet outer basket added to bike over winter, don't know if this could allow output shaft to move in or out causing chain to move to the side slightly. Any Idea's from the experts would be appreciated.

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I am not expert but here is my :2cents: Are you sure the rear sprocket is fully seated? Is the rear sprocket drum all the way in?


It is possible to bend an output shaft. I assume since you added a billet basket, it was for a reason. High HP bikes often go with a Heavy Duty output shaft to prevent them from snapping off the front sprocket. Most of the time this happens before any bend is noticed. You might be able to see if this has happened by pulling the front sprocket off and using a dial gauge with a magnetic base to see if the end of the shaft moves at all (wouldn't cost you anything if you already have the tools)...

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