Question about toilet paper...


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So my cousin's 7 year old son came up to me today and asked why toilet paper squares were only "this" big (showed me with hands) and why paper towel squares were "this" big (again showing me with hands).

I didn't really know how to respond so I just told him a "7 year old" answer... "Well because toilet paper is for wiping something "this" big (showed him with my hands) and paper towels are for cleaning up stuff "this" big ( opening my arms up real big). "Oh" was his response and walked away. I was talking to my cousin when he entered the room a couple minutes later and said, "Shannon, so does grandma have to wipe with paper towels?" Talking about my cousins mother in law who was in the other room!

I about DIED!!!!!! :rofl::rofl:

So My question is this... Why ARE toilet paper squares so small? Anyone actually only use 1 square?? I don't know a toilet paper strong enough for one square to surpass the "pokethrough" factor. :poke:
Try traveling via the RV lifestyle when they add the term "Quick Dissolving" to the front of your toilet paper. Brings to question, just how quick are we talking?
Guess you have not heard the joke how grow larger boobies.... :rofl:
If someone only uses 1 or 2 squares, you could probably give them the nickname MudButt....
This question is puzzling. I must do some research on this and get back to you but until then, keep using what you've been using. :laugh:
WET WIPES...never leave home without it! Stopped using TP after spending 13 months in the sandbox...only wet wipes can give you that fresh feeling down there :thumbsup:
I have no clue, at least so far, you dont have to pay by the square at rest areas :whistle:

Now for something more eluding... if you havent eaten peanuts in forever..... nah I'll just keep wondering :whistle: :rofl:
Anybody notice that they recently reduced the width of the rolls by about 1/2", any narrower it's gonna be worthless.???

Reduce quantity/quality and increase price, this seems to have become the common american business model.