Question about rad replacement.

Hello. So just picked up a first gen Busa ( 07 ) and love everything it offers. I have discovered the issue of running hot while sitting in traffic and have found a pile of solutions through out this forum. I'm looking at a lower temp sensor, muzzy fan blades and a bypass switch. I'm wondering if a second gen rad with its twin fans would fit directly into a first gen bike. I've read the second gen was a slightly "larger" design. I'm just thinking it might be easier to get a complete set up rather than getting another fan mounted into my existing. Thanks in advance.


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The gen 2 radiator is not any larger than a gen1

But to do the swap, you need the radiator, fans, hoses, and you will also need a Temp sensor re locator.
The Gen 2 radiator does not have a temp sensor in it.

How hot does the bike get, there is a good chance that there is a air bubble in your radiator
It's not too bad yet. Yesterday at a light gauge crept pass the halfway mark, fan engaged and it continued rising. Traffic started moving and the needle went down a bit but stayed above the line. My concern is that summer really hasn't hit here, temp wise, ( Toronto Canada ) and when it does things get super warm / humid. Any suggestions as far as coolant choice goes ? I've heard don't mix with distilled water, mix with distilled...

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