Question about ecu editor


I recently got my bike dyno tuned for the turbo, and I now want to start playing with the 2 step stuff for racing. How do I change that stuff and keep the mapping and everything the tuner did the same? I am using the woolich log box. Obviously the map is in the ecu, can I retrieve it like using a power commander, modify it, and send it back? Thanks in advance for any help!
If I remember right there is an option under bike tools called read/verify. That should let you pull the data thats in the ECU for safekeeping in case you mess things up.
You can always set the compare map to stock rom and see the areas that have been modified.

This does take quite a long time, much longer than flashing.
Your tuner should have gave you a copy of the flashed map,it not lame tuner.
This way you can make changes without risking some hiccup
Why can't you just save the map you have before you start changing it?
That way you can always go back to what you started with.
Do you have the Ecu Editor interface/flasher too?
I have no personal experience with the datalogger.
In Ecu Editor(you can download the free software from their site if you don't have it)you can save the map you are currently using.
Click file, and then "save" in the drop down menu.
You can then name that map/file and save it to your computer's hard drive.
If that doesn't work for you then you should be able to find an answer on the Woolrich forums. • Index page
If he saved it to the data logger look for a file ending in .bin The tuner may have made a folder for it as well. Plug it into your pc and see if it is there, copy to pc and don't lose it.