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Hey guys,
I'm looking for references to a quality hid company. I've been using star rotors for many years, but the last two years I've had nothing but trouble with bulbs and ballist burning out in less then 2 months. They quality just isn't there anymore, and I will not install them on my costumers bikes anymore.

I'm looking for people who have ran the bulbs for at least a year without issues. I insist on quality products.

Thanks in advance.
Philips makes great qaulity HID kits. Mainly for cars but I was able to fit a larger then avg 55 watt ballast under my fairings.
There are forums out there with light led bi exeon hid gurus such as candlepower forums. These guys eat sleep new light technoligy like we know our Busas.
Read and ask questions that's how I found out about the retrofit source for my projectors... you are running your HID's through a projector lens aren't you