Put your money where your mouth is

The Oracle

I hear all of this talk (and that is all it is) about, we don't mind paying for this site... Well, here is your opportunity...

Support the Capn and this site... Buy a shirt! AGAIN!
Come on let's move on those shirts. 29 to go for Caps Big Screen 100's to go after that. Everone needs at least 5 T's. Give them away batter with them tell your woman how hot she looks in them. Buy them large and give them away for PJ's. White Black large small come and get them.
Just ordered two more... That gives me a total of eight. I now have more busa.org shirts than I have uniforms for work! :laugh:

Whats left - I'll buy one when I know what I have to choose from??

Kent Sheldon
Cap, better post what you got left. Would hate for them to keep ordering when the supply is gone.....