Put 300 miles on her yesterday.


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After about 100 miles of interstate riding yesterday I found my self putting my feel on the rear pegs for comfort. Does anyone else do this? Just curious. I would not do this in town but it was very comfortable on the interstate.

YEah on long rides on the highway it helps me keep my legs from cramping... Just make sure you can get them off the pegs in a hurry if you have to.
Wow! I thought it was only me!!! I used to 'lay and rear peg' it on my old bike cuz I have long legs and hunching hurts me after a while. Haven't tried on Busa yet but will.

I agree, longer trips are best for this and be ready to switch back. Seeing my friends start doing this while riding behind, I notice it looks a little dorky. But it's all about comfort to me.
I do it all the time on long trips. I'm 6'5" and it really does help the legs and lower back.

holy crappers, batman! I just tried Busa-ing with feet on rear pegs, but they're so high on the bike, I might as well just curled up in a fetal position on the tank and went to sleep. VERY uncomfortable for me. Oh well. Interesting test
Not good for me.........can't get my feet down fast enough. I can wheelie on the rear pegs though.......don't like it much just because I don't trust 'em.
I would only do this on a highway without much traffic like I did. For me it was more comfortable after 100 or so miles. But then I am only 5'9".
I have done it a few times on highway runs, but it always seems too end -up feeling a little more unstable than sucking up the tank and flicking over the sack.