push button starter ?

spit on it

i want to set up my bike to use a toggle switch and a push button to start my bike. it is a 06 hayabusa. anyone know what wires i need to use, or has anyone done this to there bike. . picks would be great.


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Wow nice,i have the same one on the ignition part.Its exactly the same but its a switch with NOS on top of the red colour cap:laugh:


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You already have a push button start, so if you're wanting to use that instead, you simply need to move the wires from the OEM push button to the new one, and the wires from the OEM On/Off (Engine kill switch) to the new one.

Doesn't sound too hard. ???


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Just be careful if you plan to bypass the ignition switch. It has a resistor incorporated and you could do some damage. Do a search, there should be something in the threads...


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you want to start the bike without a key??? Sounds risky keeping these babies out of stolen vehicle reports is pretty hard already:laugh:

spit on it

i have the motor in a atv frame for drag racing. i want to put the push button starter where the gas cap was. thought it would be cool. i want to do away with the key all together. the push button start will be easy. i don't know how to go about using the toggle switch in place of the key.


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Take and put a 100 ohm resistor between the black wire with white tracer & the orange with yellow tracer wire , then connect the red / 12 volt wire to the orange wire. the grey and brown wires are no longer needed,unless you got lights..

spit on it

so should i put the red wire on one side of the toggle, and the other wires on the other side?. is there any way you could post a pick of this. that would be great. or draw one up


spit on it

is this what your saying... put the red wire on one side and the orange wire on the other side of the toggle. then run a 100 ohm resistor conecting the black wire with white with the orange wire with yellow... bad pick but you get what i'm saying

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