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With the other thread about octane ratings that everyone puts in their bikes, I thought I would see what their thoughts were on pure gas. I recently tried some in my 03 hayabusa and my 07 SV 650 because I was experiencing problems with rough running when the tanks got low and lower revs. Within 10 miles both were noticeably smoother running especially the hayabusa. My 03 had almost a miss at low rpm's when taking off, under 3500, but smoothed out above that. The SV would run rough also at lower rpm's but mainly when the tank level was lower. After putting the pure gas, both bikes run great again. It's just hard to find in my area other than driving 15 miles out of the way. I thought about seafoam or other additives but was convinced to try it from a fellow rider with a plastic gas tank. I'm going to run it as much as possible from now on and stay clear of that ethanol gas.


Pure gas for me i do find it runs a lil smoother with puregas. Ive tried redline fuel additive and was amazed with the results. Id suggest giving that a go, sea foam is great stuff too.


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I have a 100% gas station right by the house, it is usually the only place I fill up the bikes, unless I am road triping and then I get whatever I can find.


Run a bottle of Techron fuel additive and it will clean up the system and it will run good either way. Most owners are not using Techron every 5000 miles like they should be. Oh well, you can lead a horse to water....... Oh and NOT Seafoam! Seafoam is an Internet hype product. Techron is the real deal.


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If I can buy it I do. Locally it's all I run. You get better mileage out of it too.

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