Purchasing a busa next in 2 weeks

Not sure, but when you decide, I'll take those OEM cans off your hands for $100.( If you can keep them looking brand new).
How much you plan on spending. I think slip ons are a waste of money. If you are going to put after market exhaust on your Busa, spend the money and get a full system.

HMF Dual Highmounts 4-2-2 $1000
HMF Big Bird Single Low Mount- $800

THats my choice and opinion!!
I put a Muzzy race stainless/aluminum,it made more hp than the yosh systems that everyone and their grandmother is using around here.Akrapovic was the other big hp gainer.Good luck.Raptor.....
Ti Force it will not limit hp when you build the bike..............207hp 120lbs torque...................1498cc Busa
I had Two Brothers Carbon small ovals, they had a great sound. They are not cheap ($719) but very easy to install and they look great. They were enough until I went with the HMF. I did not want to go with a full system until I put some miles on my 01'. I sold the Two B's and the guy who bought them off of me loves them.