Pulled over by Law Enforcement


I wanted to see what are your experiences with speeding? Please post the location, speed, attitude of the officer and final outcome.

This should be funny.
120mph, 10pm, 2lane, passin cars,

tunnel coming up, speed limit drops to 40, see the stater,

get clocked at 64 in a 40... I didn't stop til we got to my house... pissed him off...

final outcome - DUI in my driveway.........

not funny.
DUI? Drinks & Busa? Cmon you love the bike more than u love urself.. dont u?

My exp:

Slowing down from 110mph on Expressway(50 limit). Spotted a radar cop ahead. Slowed down, passed a car & saw the cop behind me. Pulled over.. Cop said I was doing about 70+ when I passed the car  
. He let me go with an advice to slow down.
85 in a 65, late a night, couldn't see it was a CHP behind me about 100 yards, no streetlights. Rookie CHP, he was really cool, he said he was glad I was wearing all the leathers and gloves, not like some he's seen. I see the veteran cop in the car and think, "Damn, he HAS to write me, because HE's being observed" Traffic school, online. I probably would have gotten out of it if it was just me and the rookie.

One other, I was going home at 3:30am not paying attention to the few cars on the fwy and all of a sudden I see this big black and white Right next to me. He hit the lights and I pulled over and he just said slow down...Waaay down. Could have been 90 in a 65. Whew!
So in general do you guys think they are a little cooler with 20+ overlimit for bikes than with cars?

I think they "understand" our difficulties in staying within the limit.
11:30 at night going home from work on the highway. I was playing a little. I had just made a short highspeed burst. I slowed back down and was just cruising. All of a sudden there were all kinds of flashing lights behind me. The cop came up to me and said "We clocked you doing 89 in a 65 by helicopter 2 miles back." I said I didn't realize that I was going that fast. I just got out of work and going home. That is when he said it. "We'll make this fast and get you back on your way." Have you ever wanted to hit a cop? I felt like telling him if he had never stopped me in the first place I Would Be On My Way.
Well I got a ticket. I was just very happy that the helicopter wasn't 3 miles back.
The best one was 12/31/01. I had my Busa for about a month. I was taking it to my parents house for the first time to show it to them. I made a left turn at a light and hit the throttle. As soon as I hit 75 I got off the gas and that is when I saw a black car coming up behind me very fast. Pretty blue lights a blazing. I thought that was it I'm going to jail. When I pulled over he just pulled up along side of me and rolled down his passenger window. I'M GOING FREE. The whole time he is sitting in his car.
Cop: Do you know how fast you were going? I hate that question.
Me: No.
Cop: 75 in a 55.
Me: I WAS?
Cop: Yes you were!!
Me: I had no Idea.
Cop: You looked like you were playing!
Me: Well I was playing a little I just didn't realize that I was playing that hard.
Cop: (he laughed) I know it's easy to get carried away on a bike like that. Seeing as how it is New Years Eve I am trying NOT to give out any tickets tonight. Just take it easy and slow down.
Me: Thank you very much and you have a Happy New Year.
Cop: You too
That was the one and only time I ever been pulled over and the cop never even got out of his car.
I dont stop for cops. I'd much rather be cut down in a HAIL OF GUNFIRE then go back to the bighouse. my license has been suspended for parking tickets for almost 14 months now

Was just cruising on my way home nice sunny day on 4 lane smooth road ....ya know the type
come around the corner and figure hey why not let her rip
so i twist the throttle and shoot up to around 120ish range and top the hill then slow down to get in the turn lane when coming over the hill behind me is county constable. i am like where did he come from ??
he pulls me over and asks me what i was doing

me: just playing around
cop: wait right here....like i have a choice

i am waiting and figure he can not do much i did not see him and i think he just heard my bike take off and decided to follow i am thinking to myself ok 122 in a 40 ?? how much will that cost ?

he comes back and says if he sees me doing anything like that again he will write me up and gives me a warning but it just says speeding does not say how fast ........because he did not get a lock on me to know
that was a close one ......whew
i see the constable from time to time but i have different bike now so he does not recognize it .....lucky for me

stay safe all !!!

85 in a 55 at night in the rain . I didn't have an endorsement then ,but he said he had a prisoner in the car and no time for me . So I just got a verbal warning
90 IN A 55. He got me slowing down for the off ramp. The cop was not very happy with me and as he was finishing the ticket he asked me if my bike was fast? ? ? ? ? ? ? So I said it was fast enough that I didn't have to stop. He smiled and handed me my ticket and said HAVE A NICE DAY!!!!! Why do they always say that after they give you a ticket that's just mean.
iIwas busted after a countryside jaunt. The cop paced me at 89 in a 60 mpH zone. Thank God he did not see me in the valleys and hills doing 135-150 at times. He was coll but still wrote a ticket. I went to court with a lawyer and had a lot dropped of the ticket because the cop said I kept my mouth shut and did not give him any reason to be harsh
60 in a 40 and he let me go. I was in shock. Very nice guy.

Of course, a few weeks later I get busted in my car for 60 in a 50, and the guy was a rude jerk (not for giving me the ticket, he was just rude as ####).

Go figure.
moral of the story:
looks like majority of the cops are nice to bikers and let them go with a warning.

I still want to find out if the Cobra radar jammers work?
My worst was driving hope from the GasLamp district in San Diego. I was doing about 115-120 from San Diego to Carlsbad( for those of you who don't know it was about 30 miles ) down I5, lane splitting and using all 4 lanes of trffic including the on/off ramps. I finally slowed down due to heavy traffic, looked behind me. When I realized that there was a cop behind me, I pulled over immediately.

He asked me once again, the stupid question, " do you know how fast you were going? " I said I was unaware. I also apparently didn't know that I had outrun 4 cops and they had a road block set up ahead for me. I really had no reply to this. Funny thing is, none of the cops ever got me on radar until the last one who had it locked at ~80 mph.

Final result: I got a ticket for 80 in a 65, with borderline reckless driving.
Nice thing about California...traffic school--$25, court costs--$105. wiped off my record...still clean.