Proud owner of a new 02 busa

i would have let everyone know that i got it yesterday but i was to busy riding it. all i have to say is that this is a BAD ASS machine. im still breaking it in and i just rode 103 miles today. i cant stop riding it when i get off i want to get right back on. i have wanted this bike since i saw pics of it at a show in 98. this bike is the reason i ride.

I know what you mean. I can remember looking through a suzuki pamphlet when I was shopping for my first bike, and I would just sit in front of the TV reading about the 'Busa, thinking man that thing is just so mean lookin'.

I still can't believe I have it some days. And it is EVERYTHING I wanted and more.

Everytime I get on the throttle I just end up shaking my head thinking "man, no one needs this." and that's why I love it, excess...

It is just one mean a$$ hulking bike that looks fast standing still. That first time I fired it up for the test drive, I think part of my heart finally had purpose
today i asked my boss if i could leave early so that i could go riding. he has a bike too so he kinda knows what i am going through. it was a beautiful day here in socal and i cant get this damn smile off of my face.


Don't think I'll ever get tired on this bike. I find it fun to ride slow cause I know it's BAD BAD BAD. Don't mess with me!

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