Proud New Poppa of a PB DB


Just got my Power Bronze airflow (dark tint). Took all of 10 minutes to install thanks to the numerous posts on the subject. It fits perfectly. Looks awesome on the '02 le.
As soon as I can figure out how to post some pics I will.
Thanks for all the info on my choice and installation proceedures.
Hey Busapilot,

I got my pb this spring, dark tint also. Looks sweet on my 02 silver/gray Busa, and waaaay cooler than those ZG's huh! Congrats! There is a poll thread somewhere on the .org, make sure vote. (I think us PB's are catching up.)
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Do any of you use a Radar detectors? (that was a dumb question huh? ride a Busa dont have a detector

My concern is with the detectors ability to
"look" out of the dark tint.
its radio doesn't need to "see" only "hear"...

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damn double post..

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