Proud New Papa....


Well gang, I just got back from a 16 hr jaunt to Salt Lake today to pick up my new '02 Blue/Black Busa. It has that beautiful 0 miles on it and I can't take it for a ride yet because the 70 degree weather we had this weekend has gone buh-bye and now has been replace by snow...getting antsy....can't handle the wait much's worse than placing a pile of drugs in front of an addict and saying"Don't Touch". Well, have to get some sleep. Been a long day. By the way, is there that much difference between PB and ZG windscreens?

Congrats Pilot!! Sorry about your weather. Move over here to So Cal. We have year round riding. The windscreen difference is the thickness. I use zero gravity and haven't had a problem with it. Get a few more replies before you make your decision though.

Marc "Howlin Mad"
I like the power bronze windscreen. The dark smoke looks good on the black and blue. Performance and quality wise they are probably the same. The power bronze has a better finished look with the black band running around the bottom edge. So says me anyway.
Congratulations to the new addition to your family

Sorry about the weather....
Congrats, post a picture soon. I don't have either...I have the Pyramid DB and love it. However, at least in the pictures of the Power Bronze, it seems to have superior clarity and less distortion than both ZG or Pyramid. But I only say that from pictures.
I couldn't resist...I had to take her out for the 1st mile...didn't see out of 2nd gear but what else can you do around the neighborhood. Rides like a dream, and just gives a taste of what is to come. Hasn't frozen here yet, just raining here and there. I'm getting pics up by the end of today. Man, I can't wait for nice weather.