Project "Serenity" the 500+HP Streetbike Build.

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Here we go with our first sponsored post!

Here in the state of Texas, it's no secret that going fast, and having the biggest and baddest HP producing machines is a way of life, specially here in Houston, the stomping grounds for all of the TX2K events, where the big boys come out and play.

Enter Serenity. A year ago this bike was brought to me in boxes. Long story short, the bike was stolen, and then recovered a few months later, but dis assembled. (Kinda a crazy story, maybe he'll tell y'all if you want to hear it) when we put it back together, we reflashed the ecu, changed the gearing, new swing arm, lowered the bike, and put a 6 over tail on it.

This is how she left.

Whenever I turn the keys back over to a bike, I always offer to go for a little ride. I hopped on the 600hp bike, and we took off. Joes one of the only costomers to ever hop right on a bike, and tested to make sure the speed limiter was in fact removed. I also have give a little boosted fly by to show him what boost is all about. I think that might of been what did it. Once we got back to the shop we started discussing possible options to make that right wrist happy.

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Fast forward to now.

The process has started. Parts are on order, and tear down has begun.

So what's the plan?

Good question. We're starting off with a built bottom end, ported head, and a full race cut transmission. We're installing an RCC ULTRA KIT (550hp) with an air to water intercooler. We also have a few trick in store that will help bring up the power a little more then what the turbo kit it's self is rated for. But we're not doing it to net top end hp, it will help produce more power at lower boost levels, and make the bike more fun.

The bike is also getting a new swing arm, powdercoated frame, and of course our signature rewire to ensure everything's getting the juice it needs. The forks will also be cut so we can get the bike nice and low.

So that's the overall on the bike there's several surprises going in to the bike, but were gonna keep those a secret until it's time. But as I promised, it will be pic heavy, and videos whenever I can. I'm starting with cellphone pics, but I'm brining out the canon for some high resolution build action!


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So the tear down has started. We have a K&N air filter, and pcv for sale off this bike if interested.



The first order from Rcc turbos has come in..


How about a little billet machined, black anodized goodness?


And a nice little MTC multi-stage clutch to go under that clutch cover.

Still waiting on the order from APE to come in. The first order is to get the engine done.

That's it for now, I'll have some more this week some time.


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damn sweet!!!! I am soo wanting to do this to my 2008


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Ooh I'm liking this. Im waiting for a big order from RCC as well, just not an ultra (yet!! Give me a year or two on So I may ask a few questions as you go! Lookin great man!


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Always good to get new sponcers on the board !!! And I can't wait to see the rest of the build

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I think you'll do well... :thumbsup:

Is "Serenity" going to be cutting heads off at TX2K14? :rofl:
As long as the owner feels comfortable behind the controls. It will have plenty of hp to hurt everyone's feelings. We're gonna use ecu based boost control which just enabled ramping, so I'm thinking this bike will really put it to the test.

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Got a shipment in from our friends at APE. It's muggy as hell today, so I figure I'd post some picks while I'm waiting for the shop to air out.





Those are new 1mm oversized intake and exhaust valves to help this monster breath a bit better.

Also just got the last few details sorted out on the turbo kit, so Richard will be getting started on it shortly. We've added some really nice options to the kit. But y'all will just have to wait and see! :whistle:
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