Profile on  Pirelli's Diablo


Someone out there has put Pirelli's new Diablo's on their busa and I want to hear about it. The Diablo contact patch when upright is much smaller than Bridgestone OEM. Pirelli is advertising much quicker characteristics with this triangular profile. I was looking at 190s and 200s today and the contact patch when cornering is HUGE! It's going to be that time again in another few days. Please wade in on this in regards to the Diablo. Thanks, Todd
Hey Zerocats, i have been runnig on pirelli evos for about the past 3 years, one on the Busa & was hesitant but curious when i saw them changing over to the Diablos & i decided to give them a shot & like they said they do really well in wet, sucks i had to find out in a down pour, they are an awesome tire on dry as well. i personally think pirellis are the best deal out there weighing out performance, price & mileage wise.
not saying dunlop & michelin arent good but they are definitly a little to proud $$$ for a product that is NOT superior.
almost 11000 mi since 4/02 only 2000 mi on oe slipstones rest on pirelli scraped both pegs & knees & right bulg in fairing on canyon water birm. is that a good enough tire ??
24,000 miles since 02/02. So far I haven't found a better tire than the metzler sportec m1. Wet or Dry < & in FL one gets plenty of both.>I do have a set of Diablo's on order for when this set wears out tho.
What kind of milage are you getting out of the tire...And whats been your ratio between front and rears?

Enquiring minds want to know?

PetesDraggin, how did the handling characteristics change from Bridgestone OEms to the Pirellis? The triangular shaped profile (I would think) would have radically changed the handling. Todd
Having replaced my rear EVO for a Diablo I have to say that I like it a lot its still pretty new so couldn't comment on the wear rate but we all know that depends on your right hand now doesn't it? Go with the Diablos you're not going to regret it , plus Pirelli also has the Diablo Corsa which is a more track oriented compound I thing you will be happy with either of them!