Producer of C.O.P.S. dies Saturday.


Paul Stojanovich, Director of C.O.P.S. also creator and of "Wildest Police Chases" has fallen to his death on the Oregon Coast Saturday morning.

He and his wife were hiking the Oregon Coast in the area of Manzanita early Saturday. They stopped to take a photo of him on the cliff with the ocean in the background. He lost his footing and fell off the cliff. His wife immediately called 911.

When rescuers arrived, some witnesses told them they saw him holding on to a branch on the cliff. He lost his grip eventually, and he fell 300 feet into the waves below.
I thought you were going to say like he had a heart attack or something...That's pretty bad...
I thought you were gonna say he was the victim of someone he bustd on film... Sorry for his loss all the same.