Problems with my 08


Hi guys,
I just bought a used 08 with 2600 miles. I love the bike but already have a major problem maybe you can help me with. The instrument cluster quit while I was riding the other day. Only the clock and high beam light works. The tail light and turn signals are out too. The bike starts and runs fine... headlight work both hi and low beam. I took the body off completely and looked for lose wires or blown fuse....nothing!
Any ideas?
Check the connector on the gauge cluster on the back..
I changed and put the HID light system on my 08. Every now and then when I went from low to high beam the gauges would reset. I found that my resistors had slid around causing the trouble. Just a thought if you have that system.
on my 04 gixxer 600 I put in some aftermarket yellow bulbs. but the wrong wattage.
I was using 100w bilbs.
kinda fried one of the connectors in the harness and I had the same problem you were having.
Bike was running fine but the lights would turn on and off and the gauges, trip meter & could would reset.
I located the problem and just make a separate connecting wire and worked around the bad connection.
Of course changing teh bulb to the correct wattage.
Check both sides of teh wiring harness connectors and see if there's any one that looks black/burnt or melted sort of
I had the same problem. ...was a blown fuse...check your fuse box under the left plastic panel by the instrument cluster....