Problems after a laying her down


(I know its a repost but I need help please anyone any suggestions would be nice)I laid my bike down last Sunday. I noticed that the bars were tweaked a little, so i figured I would to take care of that today. I got home and start removing all fairings and notice a crack on the head tube weld so big deal i figured i would grind a notch in the whole weld and tig weld it back which i can do but then the wheels start turning in my head why did it crack and i check the clearance between the shock and the frame and i notice that on the right side the shock actually touches the frame and on left side there is a bunch of clearance. So, I try to straighten the bars and I can't I'm not sure but I think the right shock is bent but not sure so any help would be greatly appreciated. How do I find true center of front wheel and has anybody had this problem b4. I tried to ride it and rides like it is pulling to left and wheel is tweaked to left so if i'm driving straight the bars are a little to the left. I don't think the fall was that hard but evidently the frame is cracked so something is damages. What kind of shocks kind I get that are the best and might as well get some wheels and brakes so any suggestions would be greatly appreciated thank you in advance.






If it were me I would start off with a straight frame.
That should be something that a frame repair shop should do, straighten it out and re-weld it.
If you are out even a tad, you won't be happy with how it handles.
You may have to send it off to someone who can do that.
Stick on here someone will know and post up.
After that, you can see if the forks are bent, and wheel is bent, and repair, replace accordingly.

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