Problem with my new throttle bodies...need help!


Hey hey guys! I just picke up a new set of throttle bodies to swap into my 03 busa (the old ones are sticking really bad), and when I unpacked it, they don't appear to match whats mounted on the bike! The ones on the bike have a second set of hoses running from each throttle body into some kind of canister looking item in the tail section, and the TBs I bought have no nipples for lines in that location! If anyone can tell me what those hoses are for, and let me know what I can do, it would be really appreciated! :)

This is what the new ones look like:

Differences from the original:
This is a shot in the dark...a fogger system...plug them the gasket and overall spacing correct? Are the blades stock or thicker...I have a set in front of me now...the barbs on the ends route to a T fitting....

The dimensions look to be the same on the actual throttle bodies, it certainly looks like it should be able to be fitted, I just don't know what this second set of lines is for, and since there isn't any way to hook them up to the new set, I'm a little nervous about it.
it looks like the second set of hoses connect to an evap canister in the tail section...would I be able to simply delete this from the bike?
Just cap off the second ones, some one was using it to pull a secondary Vacuum source.
Not a big deal! How ever the original one does need to be hooked up to the mass air flow sensor.
yep! I'm planning on swapping them over as close to the same as the original set, so all the sensors and connectors that can be reinstalled will be...I just need to pull out the evap canister and lines and drop a vent tube...thanks for the input guys! :)
Did you get the problem solved? I'll do what I can to help a # if it is not working out
not specific to your question but prior to pulling the throttle bodies out did you check if your fuel injectors were spraying? am working on my fuel system so just working my way through issues.