Problem unmounting "stering stem upper bracket"


I have got a problem when I try to mount away "stering stem upper bracket" (ssub) the one sitting in the "handlebar holder bracket". See image link.
(ssub) is black and the bracket lock attaches to.
The problem is that with the fork legs left, sits the bracket on firmly fixed. It is impossible to dislodge. I have tried using pullers against the fork legs crown but whats happens just the bracket is lifted under the puller and lowered on the other side.
Are there any tricks to remove the plate or do I have to pick off wheels & fork legs ??
I removed the handlebar "star-nut" (Steering stem head Nutt) to (ssub) and the two bolts "Front fork upper clamp bolt.
Could it be the steering lock jammed in the locked position that prevents me to get off the bracket.
The problem is that the lock is vandalized and I thought, just change the lock case (upper black part) & latch bolt, instead of leaving it to the MC shop & pay sky high deductible to the insurance company.
So the question is if the steering lock is locked, it is then impossible to remove (ssub).
I realize that the issue is controversial since it indirectly is about how to unmount lock so therefore PM' me please.



Could it be that as long as the shock absorber front legs are exposed to the bike's weight load, so that the shock absorber tubes presses apart the shock absorber tops & locks therefore the bracket. In all instructional books do they actually removed the front wheel and shock absorber tubes before the bracket.
So then the solution would be to lift the front of the bike. Depressurizing the spring legs. But not in the spring legs ends at the wheel nut, without in the fork crown ???

This is actually a seriously meant question from a brother that stuck.

To which I tried to squeeze off the bracket with a puller which is not without risk something breaking example setting screws in the top of the shock absorber legs; so that I abruptly stopped doing.
Help me someone who has done this.


ok, ok...just a wee bit Irish...
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You need to get the bikes weight off the ground, the it will come off, but still just wont slide off.
Takes a bit of struggle


Well then, It´s just to lift up the front wheel and then wiggle loose plate or it will be the puller again, with a wood block for protection. Since the lock is left with question whether it is break bolt or not.
I get so tired of these teenage thugs and/ or junkie who try to steal a bike but only manage to destroy it. Purely financially, I had earned if they stole and kept the bike.
Thanks for the help! Martin


No not yet, but that's mostly because I have not had time, plenty to do on the job. Then the problem is how I lift the bike's front wheel with locked steeringlock. I'm thinking of using a center-lift to bring balance and then a front head lift, which sits in the hole on "Steering stem lower bracket"; alternatively a regular front-wheel lift. But it is difficult to lift the font when the front wheel is rotated 30 ° to the left
So either I mount down front forks including everything or I just remove the steeringlock & there after dismounting what is needed to put a new one. Which should go a lot easier when I then can turning the front fork so that the wheel pointing straight ahead.
I have thoughts on strengthening the new lock, but it's not worth the effort when I am selling the bike in spring time & then everything must be original. So I will guard it hard until then.
There is no larger weight to lift when the bike is swinging on the center lift, but just enough to lift up the front fork for dismantling.

Hallelujah - I see the light in the tunnel / solution to the problem.
In addition, should the range of penalties for vandalism of the ignition switch be included in the terrorist law's, given all the suffering they cause!

My other problem is that not teach how to steal a Busa to another ruffian / punk without really describe how difficult it is !! With mounted shear bolts it would be impossible to steal the bike by mounting off the steering lock and / or driving with a cracked steering lock, is lethal, a rough here did it and when he turned the handlebars jumped piston in the lock and he had to plow the astfalt whith his chin (no helmet)

Hallelujah - I see the light in the tunnel / solution to the problem.
In addition, should the range of penalties for vandalism of the ignition switch be included in the terrorist law's, given all the suffering they cause!

Yes i know i am horrible but this unnecessary extra work bothers me I want out & party & have fun instead of devoting myself to damage repairs..
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