Problem Powder Coated Rims (Brake dust and Chain lube)


Hey guys and gals,

Powdered coated my aluminum rims gold and I used brake cleaner to wipe down the rims. Before I realized, I probably used too strong of a cleaner. The brake dust and chain lube that adhered to the rim seems to have been impregnated into the gold powder coating. I was able to clean the rest of the rim using simple green without incident.

The more I try to get the section cleaned where I used the brake cleaner, nothing is working to get the black stains out. I've used WD-40 and 0000 steel wool in the past for cleaning chrome, etc.

Any suggesions? HELP!!!


its in the outside of the coating your going to need to probably have them blasted and re powder coated if it bothers you that much
Brake cleaner is VERY harsh on any painted, or coated surfaces. This includes carburetor cleaner, lacquer thinner and acetone. These chemicals are only used on bare metal parts.


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Very sorry bro. Please remember folks, Wd-40 cuts brake dust and chain lube like butter with no ill effects.

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