Pro Stock Hayabusa coming

Frank Adams

Pro stock racer Dave Schultz is working on a Hayabusa body for the Pro Stock class.

Check out the january issue of "Motorcycle Performance" to get a first glimpse!

(just another one of those goodies!)


Well, the powerplants are coming too... just not as soon. All the major players have one... Star, Freedom, Cope, etc.

Frank, that new TL bodywork is pretty slick too! I sat on a replica at AirTech a few weeks back... I think Fred Collis may run one.


Can you explain the general rules of Pro-Stock to me? I think it's aminly a North American concept.

If it's stock how is it any different etc etc?

You do can racing like that too I know.


The old rules of Pro Stock bikes in NHRA said that the bodywork should be "stock" appearing and that the engine should be no more than 1500cc if it was a two valve and 1300 if it was a fourvalve ( They also had a rule about forked lifters aka Suzuki but I think that one is long gone ). Well the 1500cc two valve was a rule they made to keep Kawasaki in the game because Kawi didnt have any 4-valves that was competive. Soon somone remembered that Suzuki made a 2 valve ( the old GS1000 ) and they started putting the 2 valve head on a 4-valve bottom. This because the 2-valve gs have the studs placed so there was no room to go over, say 1220 ( 78mm ). This was to strech the rules a bit but it was given the tumbs up and because of Suzukis better gearbox and clutch , soon there was no other than Suzuki on the grid. Back to the rules ( I got a bit carried away here :) Now there is a 1427cc max on the fourvalve. This will make the two-valves obsolete this year ( and the records will go even further down. ).
I guess that we will see a 7,0something. Maybye even a 6.99 during the year.
If somone are interested in the rules they can be found at: and at Prostar ( go through to find Prostar )


The only thing stock about them is the name... chrome moly chassis, stroked/bored motors, up to 1500??? 10" slick "stock appearing" body low 7s..

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