Pro "seat cover plus grab rail" mod?


I almost never carry a passenger, so I'd Like to use the cover that goes over the passenger seat.

However, I have the optional centerstand (which I like a LOT), and pulling the bike onto the centerstand is MUCH easier for me when I use my left hand on the left bar and my right hand on the passenger grab rail.

Normally, you can't have BOTH the seat cover and the grab rail on simultaneously.

I'd really like to.

I've seen a couple of pictures on this site where a Busa seat cover HAS been "modified" so that both pieces CAN be on simultaneously.

I don't want to try to "do this at home", as I'm sure the end result would be "less than professional".

Does anyone out there do this "modification" with professional quality results?

Jim G
All you need to do is cut the sides to clear the grab rail. Install the grab rail and place the hump on the tail. Mark where the grab rail meets the hump. Cut those sections with a Dremel. I'd suggest using a sanding bit and working it in levels to make it even as well as not messing with the paint.
Yes, I know what needs to be done, BUT:

1) I don't own a dremel tool or anything else suitable

2) I know from (bitter) past experiences that if I do it, the result looks less than professional.

I was hoping there's someone out there doing this for a fair price!

Jim G