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Ok, so as many of you have seen I've been jumping around from thread to thread. And my topic or ideal of what I wanted to do next is always changing. Mainly because in the military we dont make much as an E-2 starting off in the service. So I dont want to spend all the little amount we make on things that do nothing for the bike. Im not sure how to prioritize the parts in how to get them in sequence. After reading all the problems turbo's can endore for you over a period of time, I will not be doing that anytime soon. But when I have enough saved up, I will be bigboring to 1397cc.

But this thread is me asking "What to do first?" My bike is completely stock, and not sure where to start. I dont wanna start off by chroming my bike out, and adding LED kits for glowing lights and things that do squat for the bike. I think they look neat "all chromed out, or ricer'd out with neon's" but thats not me. Nor am I looking to waste money on pointless items such as those "atm".

Should I start with Rim's, rotor's, brakes, clutch springs, dogbones +1 for "turn in", weight reduction? Or just jump into a bigbore 1397, and then do the clutch and everything along that route at once. I am so confused as there as so many things to do with this bike. I'm stationed on shore duty for 2years, so I want to enjoy my bike while im stationed on land. After that I'll be on a ship for atleast 2years. So I want to do things to my bike I will enjoy in performance. Weight reduction, HP increase, then ill look at visuals and appearance. Please give me a sense of direction someone. Thank you in advance.
My advice is, if you are going big bore, NOS or Turbo your foundation such as solid brakes, tuned suspension, light weight wheels, titanium chain, should all be done and refined before the next level. Then once you decide on your recipe for more power. Bolt on the power upgrade and go. Also have some miles under your belt if this is a new bike to you. Some people need more power, some people want more power, some people race and some need a stock motor just because. Be smart, more importantly decide where it is you are going with your final result. Decide that first and everything else falls into place. Just my 2C.
I have been riding since I was 9 years old. Ive raced 125cc and 250cc up till I was 17yrs old. Got my busa when I was 18, finaced it myself. Been riding it since 04, never laid it over, never abuse the back tire and sit there and burn off. I respect the bike, as it returns the favor.

I've riden a 02 busa w/turbo stage 1 and its an extreme amount of diffrence when the turbo kicks in. I am looking to get that from raw motor i.e "big bore 1397". But the end result of my bike I would like to be able to take to an MotoGP track and make the bike more agile. I know it will never be a 1000class but it would nice to get the bike to be lighter, quicker, more responsive, more agile.

And if I may ask, why do people change out the stock suspension for aftermarket front/rear suspension? Is there really that much of a difference? Is it the weight factor?
A stock Hayabusa motor with a PCIII, BMC race air filter and a solid exhaust system, custom mapped is more than enough for a track day. Lighten it up about 60 pounds and shed some human pounds if you need to and this bike will fly around the track with the suspension properly tuned. The OEM suspension was made for someone 150 lbs. If thats all you weigh you might be able to fine tune the OEM to get your best performance. Valving is the key to why you would upgrade your suspension, valving dictates the bikes manners in a turn. Better valving, better handling. OEM takes all the short cuts they can and the stock Hayabusa suspension was not where Suzuki spent the most money for sure. Ride a bike with a tuned or upgraded suspension you will walk away scratching your head. Trust me!
well after we have spoken. What do you think I should persue first? The rims? Or the Brock Gen3 exaust with PCIII-usb? And FYI im 6'2 at 198'lbs. Is the suspension thing killed? Or do I need to upgrade that also.
well after we have spoken. What do you think I should persue first? The rims? Or the Brock Gen3 exaust with PCIII-usb? And FYI im 6'2 at 198'lbs. Is the suspension thing killed? Or do I need to upgrade that also.
Pipe and PCIII first. I would send your front forks out and have them spec and tuned for your weight. 1" over dog bones in the rear and some braided brake lines front/rear to start.
V8N3T, thanks for the service to our freedoms! Being in for the last 16+yrs I can say it does get better the longer your in. It sounds like your a thinking kind of person, asking about the priority of mods etc..not sure how that will work with the Navy, but in the Army it can be a dbl edged sword (if your boss misunderstands your intellect for underminding = always riding your arse).
I like GPW's advice, and with his experience I dont think he'll steer you wrong. GL with and make sure to check the Classifieds daily. I've already saved as much as I've spent buying 2nd hand parts.

Wheels first. They will help braking, increase the feeling of HP, turn better, accelerate faster, make the bike be more nimble, and let your suspension work better. Make sure to get the best possible wheels you can now so you don't have to upgrade later. Then get the Hindle race w/ PCIII and custom map. And if you have any $ left, braided brake lines and better pads. These upgrades will yield the most noticable improvements in acceleration and track friendlyness.