Price on used stock parts needed


I didn't know where to ask or post this but this is a 2nd gen forum so I'm just looking for what these parts are worth used not new. I bought another set of 08 blue plastics so ill need to sell off the old stuff. These parts came off of an 08 orange black unless specified

08 pass fairing
08 tank only no fuel pump or lock.
08 tail fairing but no black hump or seat just complete rear fairing.
08 upper fairing passenger plastic that goes by the ram air tube
08 headlight clean off 08 blue plastics
08 front fender not perfect scratches good painter.
08 upper fairing stay not bent at all as its the one I bought with the blue plastics.
08 all four turn signals and tail light
08 subframe and stock uncut tray i bought with the blue plastics.
08 grey hump off of a grey n black busa. Will trade for an 08 blue even if not perfect.
08 mirrors off of blue plastics
08 black plastic trim around the speedometer and that mounts to fairings

The 08orange bike was laid over on the driver side when i bought it so the driver fairing is no good and neither is the upper fairing plastic or plastic by ram air tube. They are painters only with rash.
Usually,if parts are in good condition,I think most folks ask for about 50% of new,but it varies of course. Stuff like stock cans can be hard to GIVEaway.

I have mirrors, rear tray uncut, taillight off of a 2012, and plastics around fairings and dash panels (6 pcs)
PM me or you can call me tomorrow at 914-539-5398
Do you have pics of the Signals and tail light?