Price gouging for a new 40th...


Anyone have any experience shipping a bike here (Germany)?

I'm working with a company that will charge me $11,500 for a new 40th. Looking online, it seems a little pricey considering I can find them for $9200, but I've no experience shipping anything that large overseas.

Anybody with experience doing this? Otherwise, $11,500 is cheaper than $14,000 for a German model... :sad:

Prolly not to bad a price all things considered. $11500 here in the states off the showroom floor would be a little over the top, but shipping and insurance and all of the paperwork... doesn't sound like too bad a deal. Properly shipping something like this including all the port charges, insurance, and whatever fees for importing can run a couple of grand pretty easy.

I'd say don't focus wholly on the price, if you have a good feeling about the company, and it's going to make bringing it back to the states problem free? Go for it. There are folks here who have paid that amount picking it up locally.
I live right by a major shipping port - look up Port Canaveral Florida on internet find a shipper & get cost to ship motorcycle.  After you know how much that costs go to Suzuki web site and look up dealers within a hundred miles of there and try and cut a deal.  If you have any questions about the local companies - then I could help you out.  Good luck.

Also, you might consider some of the dealers in Canada - they seem to be selling them cheap too & the speedo would be in KH for you.

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Check with Honda East in Toledo Ohio. I bought a 40th Hayabusa and had it shipped to Hawaii for 10245 OTD. They actually took it in the shorts somewhat on shipping. They based their shipping cost on their previous shipments to Germany, which was around 700.00 dollars, and it cost about 1100 to Hawaii. They always advertise on Cycle Trader. The internet sales manager is a guy named Ed Crutcher. Give him a call and I bet he can do a much better deal than 11500.
Are there any emissions / safety issues there that we do not have in the US. I know when you try to ship from there to here, there are some hassels that way. Make sure you can get it registered & insured there if it an bike made for American rules.

Good luck and welcome to the board!
Thanks for all the great info guys - I'll make some phone calls. :cool:
All things considered, I think Rev is probably right. But I'm not above doing some work to save a buck so we'll see. Either way there's going to be a Pumpkin for Christmas!

Mikey: the only thing I'm aware of between Euro and US models is that Euro's have hazards, Catalytic converters, and the metric speedo.